Meet Leah

12342485_10153231448135592_2487659630883387235_nHi, I’m Leah.

Get ready, because I’m probably going to ask 25 questions in the first five minutes of meeting you.

Forever a journalist, I pride myself on trying to learn everybody’s story. I love gathering loads of information and forming it into something beautiful.

I’m a writer who is eager to report the latest trends, an editor with a keen eye for detail, and a web strategist focused on marketing, promotion, and the best digital practices involved. I’m currently working as the associate producer at, where I maintain the day-to-day site operations and contribute as a writer and editor. I’m also available for freelance work (keep scrolling to see where my work has been featured).

When I’m not obsessing over the perfect word choice or correcting other people’s grammar,  I can be found lacing up my Brooks running shoes and training for a marathon or swinging kettle bells at my local CrossFit gym. Other pastimes of mine include showing people pictures of my cat, eating peanut butter out of the jar, and curling up with my Penn State snuggie on a lazy Sunday morning.

Click on the CONTACT page to connect—I’m looking forward to working with you!

My work has been featured in: 


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